perpetuallylocked said: You are definitely a mix of all the classy games: DAN, TRN, and CAP. Add in a little elegance of the theatre in FIN plus Frances and Dirk from SHA, and there you are in game form!

That… is… unbelievably nice and awesome! Especially the bit about FIN You know me too well! Thank you, darling! -rolls around-

differencedetective said: Danger by Design! You're artistic, historic, classic, fashionable! And I believe the first game with the scrapbook, no? That's very fitting. :D

-flails- No way! Ajfhskfjsk I am very okay with this. Thank you!


If I were a game, which one would I be?

I’m crazy about fifties diners and all things retro. When I saw this top, it instantly reminded me of Maxine’s Diner in Secrets Can Kill. The crop top is paired with a checkered pencil skirt that matches the floor, and wedge heels in neon-sign pink. The outfit is accessorized with cat eye sunglasses, a hamburger necklace, a clutch in the shape of a vinyl record, and matching earrings. Completing this fabulous look are hot pink lipstick and nail polish in ‘57 Chevy teal.